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9AM - 3:30PM

Exhibitions by appointment.

SUMMER 2016:

6. june - 30. august



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The Norwegian Emigrant Museum was founded on June 22, 1955. By 1989, it was apparent that the museum needed a new structure, in accordance with new laws regulating non-profit organizations. In consequence, The Norwegian Emigrant Museum and Research Center Foundation was established in 1992 to own and operate the Norwegian Emigrant Museum. At approximately the same time, a sister 501(c)3 organization was founded in the USA, The Norwegian Emigrant Museum Foundation, Inc., to seek support for the activities of the Norwegian museum among Norwegian-Americans in North America.


Beginning in 2000, museums in Norway began a process of consolidation mandated by the Department of Culture.  As a result, this museum is now owned by the Norwegian Emigrant Museum Foundation, but operated as a museum section under a corporation named Anno Museum AS. The Emigrant Museum Foundation owns three shares of voting stock in the corporation.


In 2013, the name of the museum was changed from The Norwegian Emigrant Museum to The Museum of Migration. The change reflects the fact that emigration and immigration are but two sides of a larger phenomonen: Migration. However, the board of the foundation did not want to abandon the museum’s roots and history. Therefore, the foundation itself, as owner of the museum’s buildings, grounds, and collections, retains the original name: The Norwegian Emigrant Museum and Research Center Foundation. The museum itself, however, operated under the name The Museum of Migration.


The museum’s mission is to increase knowledge of human movement, migration and diaspora, as exemplified by Norwegian overseas emigration, through collections, conservation, research, and exhibition.


The members of the foundation’s board in 2016 are:

Nils A. Røhne, (Mayor, Stange municipality) chair;

Kari Amdahl, (The Norseman’s Federation);

Terje M. H. Joranger (NAHA-Norway);

Benedichte O. Nymoen (Friends of the Museum);

Steinar O. Sæther (University of Oslo);

Einar Volla (Sons of Norway).


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